This morning the world is abuzz with Ellen’s historic selfie. And who can blame them? I was glued to my device, as were many, joining in what has now become a tradition during major television events: live tweeting.

As soon as Ellen said she wanted that picture to be the most retweeted, I knew Twitter would come down. And it almost made me teary-eyed at the prospect.

I retweeted the minute it showed up on my timeline and by the time I went to click to favorite the tweet, 20,000 more folks had retweeted. In like…a minute.

A thing of beauty, I tell you. But I don’t think just anyone with a Twitter account could’ve made that happen. Could someone else have made it happen so fast? I think we are dealing with a couple of different things here.

First, was it just me or did the Oscars seem better this year? If you said yes, think about how much time you spent interacting on social media. I’m willing to put money on the theory that you spent quite a bit of time interacting with your timeline/news feed. You chatted with friends, you made some new ones, you laughed, you shared your thoughts. That interaction is what made the experience better. The Oscars still ran over (as they normally do) and you may have still found yourself thinking (or Tweeting) hurry it up folks!

Not for the first time, I am reminded that social media is SO MUCH about relationships. We seek them out, we enjoy them, we want to partake in the magic. Social media is all about relationships. Ellen has 26,820,893 followers (and counting). We (because I am certainly one of them) listen. We engage with her and she engages right back! How cool is that?!

So when Ellen asks her fans to retweet something, it’s  not about that particular tweet exactly, though let’s be honest, that was a great friggin’ selfie.


No. Ellen is cashing in on her relationship with us. Because she has invested time, energy and emotion into this. And this is the payback.

Social media is not just about having your information out there. It’s not all about making sure the metrics read correctly, it’s not about who has the most. It’s about who you can relate to and who relates to you.

Though people think of it as technology, social media hooks us with the age old human desire to connect with others. Social media now allows us to do that across the globe. And man, we are taking advantage of it. I know there’s a lot of negativity and trolls and all that jazz. But at the root of it, so many of us are finding this interaction to be positive and fruitful. Don’t you think?

I loved how Kevin Spacey followed up with a tweet of his own about his photo bomb. A very genius move by him and/or his crew. Also, I love how those that were watching Jimmy Kimmel last night managed to crash his site. A short lesson for Kevin: be sure to load test your site before announcing it to the world on national television.


Did you watch the Oscars? What was your favorite moment?

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  1. I couldn’t agree more with your assessment of the rationale for Ellen’s demolition of Twitter. Relationships matter! Of course I watched the ceremony! My favorite part? Diversity! In fact, I felt that Diversity & Inclusion were the big winners last night! For the first-time in quite awhile, the host (Ellen) truly made A-listers seems relatable. There were several times when I reflected, “They’re just like me.” (Like Meryl, I also shimmy to Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ and like Kerry, I also love pizza!) Also, from the Motion Picture President to the winners for several of the “big” awards, the people on stage looked like me. If last night was powerful for me, as an adult, I can only imagine what it meant for our young people aspiring to roles in cinema. In conclusion, I enjoyed your take on Ellen’s RTs and will share a link to your blog on Twitter!

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