Technology can be a beautiful thing. The only problem is that at times, we don’t make the best use of it. Scott Stratten, author of Unmarketing and the upcoming QR Codes Kill Kittens explains it best in this keynote.

Have you used a QR code and unknowingly killed a kitten? Find out!

Some key takeaways before you watch this? The numbers:

  • 85% of people have a cell phone
  • 50% of phones are capable of scanning a QR Code
  • 17% have scanned a QR code
  • 50% were successful and would use it again
  • 3.6% of people total

If you are using a technology, whether it’s QR code or Twitter, make sure it makes sense. Look at it from your customer’s point of view. What’s in it for them? What are they getting out of it? Will this make connecting with you easier? Will it mean your customer will be better able to engage you?

Make sure you have measurable goals to refer to when making these decisions. Like Scott said, QR codes have a lot of potential but it’s going to take using them the right away and ensuring that people have a good experience with them the first time around for them to really reach their purpose. And for us to stop the kitten killin’.

Have you incorporated a technology you aren’t using to its potential?


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