Social media is here to stay. Whether you understand it or not, whether your business has a brand presence directed by you or not. There are plenty of times your organization is on Twitter before you’ve made the leap.

People are talking in real time and using social media to help facilitate the conversation. It is always a great joy for us to see businesses jump in and take the dive. To be able to educate someone in this new arena.

Because it means that they will get “it”. The power of social and of relationship building. And by getting it, their business will be propelled to new heights.

When Social Media Today posted this infographic, we knew we had to share it!

Ten super powers of the world’s greatest social media marketers. Do you have these powers? Want them?

Infographic by Feldman Creative/Placester/MarketingProfs

This infographic is based in part on “Meet the World’s Greatest Social Media Marketer.”

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